Tiger team llc

Guaranteed Perfection

Tiger Team LLC offers PCMS and 1St Class Insulation for The U.S. Government, including the US Navy and Coast Guard.

  • Family Owned and Operated
  • 17 Years Ship Yard Experience
  • Certified PCMS

About Tiger Team

Tiger Team LLC is a family-owned and operated business. Started by Erika and Terrence Watts. With over 17 years working in shipyards across the country, Tiger Team has perfected their craft and worked tirelessly to ensure perfection in every job they take on. 

Our Services

Remove Insulation

Remove and install various types of insulation on Naval and Coast Guard Vessels

K-Flex Installation

Install all sizes of K-flex rubber pipe covering on chill water, potable water, sea water, and firemain pipes

Hullboard Installation

Install 1" and 2" cloth-face, acoustic, and mylar fiberglass hullboard

What Makes Us Different?


Being family Owned & Operated allows us to keep our rates low.

certified & experienced

17 Years Experience and PCMS Certified.

Perfection Guaranteed

We provide installation perfection. Guaranteed!

No Job Is Too big

Our team is dedicated to quality outcomes no matter how big or small the job is. 

Need a Quote?

Our professional team is here to help transform your vessel. Contact us today for more information. and a free quote. 

Our ships are our sailors’ homes that’s why we are dedicated to providing the highest quality and most excellent performance on every job. We love what we do, so to us, it’s not a job it is our passion.